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f our plugin is not working like the way it should be then we are sorry to hear that.
We are ready to help you with your problem, but we need to see first if the problem is with our plugin or that the problem occurs due to other themes or plugins. Please follow below steps t check:

Step 1:
Set your theme to the WordPress default theme, activate it and try to see if the plugin is working now. If the plugin is working you need to contact yhe authors of the theme and tell them what you are experience.

Step 2:
Disable all plugins except: WooCommerce and our plugin. Test if the plugin is working now. If its working then enable each plugin one by one and after every plugin try to see if the plugin is still working. You will notice then what plugin is causing the error and you need to contact the author of the plugin to help you fix the problem.

Step 3:
If you still have problems then you can contact us trough our Free Support Form.
To solve the problem we might need temporarily admin access to check your settings and do some checks. If you can not provide us temporarily admin access then we maybe are not able to help you.

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