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How to get WooCommerce System Status

WooCommerce system status contains all the most important information about your WooCommerce store. You can find there information such as the WooCommerce and WordPress versions, PHP memory limit and list of installed plugins or information about the installed theme.

What the WooCommerce system status is needed for?

The WooCommerce system status is a summary of all relevant information about your store. So, it's there are important informations to provide support. Developer is able to diagnose many sources of problems after reviewing the status itself, eg after PHP version, plugins version or PHP memory limit. It is therefore important that you attach the system status to your request.

How to get system status?

To download the WooCommerce system status, select the menu: WooCommerce → Status. Then click on the Get system report button.

WooCommerce System Status

Add report to the ticket

You can copy the text and paste it into the ticket, but for best viewing results we ask you to attach the report as PDF to the corresponding ticket

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